Dogecoin & McDonald's. Elon Musk’s Offer to ‘Happy Meal’ Giant Is Renewed.

Dogecoin & McDonald’s. Elon Musk’s Offer to ‘Happy Meal’ Giant Is Renewed.

30 January 2023

Elon Musk, the billionaire CEO of Tesla, launched a major challenge to McDonald’s a year ago.

The colorful and charming entrepreneur’s impact was growing at the time. On the social media platform Twitter, he had approximately 72 million followers.

The task was to push the fast-food business to adopt the dogecoin cryptocurrency, which Musk is an enthusiastic follower of, as a form of payment at its restaurants.

In compensation, Musk offered the burger giant a massive advertisement: the Techno King, as he’s called at Tesla, proposed eating a McDonald’s burger live on television.

Must tweeted on January 25, 2022 that if @McDonalds takes Dogecoin, he’ll eat a happy meal on TV.

The billionaire’s suggestion was not met with a response from McDonald’s.

Musk’s Offer Is Renewed

Musk has just repeated his offer a year later. It all started with a tweet from McDonald’s, its first in a long time.

“What did I miss,” the official account of McDonald’s posted on Twitter on Jan. 26.

“Oh hi lol,” Musk responded.

Then, the user @cb_doge, who describes himself as a graphics designer at the Dogecoin Foundation, questioned the millionaire if his offer to McDonald’s a year ago was still valid.

“Is this offer still open?” the user asked.

Musk did not hesitate to respond, stating that the offer was still on the table.

“💯,” the billionaire said.

At the time of writing, Musk’s comment has been shared more than 625,000 times.

Will Dogecoin Be Accepted at McDonald’s?

McDonald’s has not yet responded. However, Twitter fans were already fantasizing about a collaboration between the most famous meme coin and the king of the burger.

“McDonalds #Dogecoin Acceptance Coming!” one user said.

Another person stated that here, @McDonalds is sleeping on a gold mine. Thousands of individuals who would buy a burger with @dogecoin simply for the purpose of it.

“@McDonalds what are you waiting for? @elonmusk the $Doge Father & the #Doge Fam are ready 👀,” added another user.

While McDonald’s did not respond to Musk’s offer in 2022, the situation has changed, and a fresh pressure campaign from Dogecoin supporters may produce results.

Musk, who had 72 million followers in January 2022, currently has 127.5 million. He took over Twitter, which increased his already global reach.

Images of Musk eating a McDonald’s burger would make a fantastic commercial that would most likely go viral, creating long-lasting excitement about the business. Furthermore, dogecoin is a popular cryptocurrency among Generation Z. The chain might increase its consumer base by accepting it as a form of payment.

According to Cryptwerk, more than 2,090 shops accept Dogecoin payments as of January 2021.

Tesla is the most well-known, having accepted Dogecoin as payment for items from the electric car firm from January 14, 2022.

Dogecoin: Original And The First Meme Coin

Dogecoin is widely regarded as the first of the so-called meme currencies, which are based on a meme or have amusing properties.

Software programmers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer invented it as a prank and wanted to make fun of the reckless speculation in cryptocurrencies.

Compared to Bitcoin, it provided a few apparent advantages for small enterprises.

Bitcoin is more of a value store. Because of its limitless supply, Dogecoin is more suited for day-to-day transactions, and it has cheaper transaction costs.

However, it remains a very speculative play: Its value frequently rises in reaction to tweets by Musk or billionaire Mark Cuban.

It’s also worth noting that Dogecoin is built on the same energy-intensive proof-of-work mining methodology that has caused Bitcoin troubles. As a result, as Dogecoin develops in popularity, so will its carbon footprint.

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