Traders Fair Thailand

Traders Fair Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand
25 February


Traders Fair, which began as a series of financial events in Asia in 2018, has been growing to encompass more blockchain and crypto-related content. It has now become an interactive event engaging entrepreneurs, businesses, banks, top government officials, and innovators from around the world. Through educational and networking activities, Traders Fair provides attendees with an opportunity to gain knowledge about the latest developments in the financial and crypto markets.

Over 500 experts are scheduled to speak at Traders Fair Thailand across around 30 events. Among the 2023 edition’s speakers are:

  • Phitsanukhom Chaiyavet, Founder of Thai Forex Elite
  • Krisharlan Testhong, Founder of Mixer “the future of investing”
  • Warunyuu Samana, Founder of TW INFINITY TRADE CO., LTD
  • Tipok Terasopon, Founder of Forex Risk Way
  • Smithi Charoenmin, Founder Nayarm Trader; Project Manager Hashpay co. Ltd
  • Kuekul Srisirivilai, Guru Forex — Option Trading
  • Utis Jamnongsatr, Founder of FX Trade Review
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