Trump Released His Own NFTs. However, He Used to Not Believe in Crypto

Trump Released His Own NFTs. However, He Used to Not Believe in Crypto

19 December 2022

Are you seeking last-minute gift ideas? A former president who still says he won the previous election believes he has an excellent idea for a gift!

Former President Donald Trump, who previously declared that Bitcoin seemed like a scam and cryptocurrencies were possibly a disaster waiting to happen, made a big announcement on Dec. 15. He released his first NFT collection.

“Hello, everyone. This is Donald Trump. Hopefully, your favorite president of all time,” the real estate mogul and former chief executive said in a promotional video, “better than Lincoln, better than Washington, with an important announcement.”

According to Trump, his NFTs include some of the truly outstanding artwork relevant to his life and business. But hold on, there’s more. Trump also stated that every card comes with an automatic chance to win incredible rewards.

Really, what type of reward? “Like dinner with me. I don’t know, that’s an amazing prize, but it’s what we have. Golf with you and a group of your friends at one of my beautiful golf courses, and they are beautiful,” Trump explained. “I’m also doing zoom calls, a one-on-one meeting, autographing memorabilia, and so much more.”

“And remember,” he added. “Christmas is coming, and this makes a great Christmas gift.”

But wait, isn’t this the same Donald Trump who said that we shouldn’t have all of the Bitcoins in the world and that the dollar should be the major and only currency?

Yeah, but the person is entitled to alter his mind, isn’t he? But unfortunately, Trump’s NFT effort was obviously not well-timed. According to DappRadar, overall NFT trading volume fell around 8% in November, while total NFT sales fell 23% from October.

And the cryptocurrency industry itself has taken a beating recently, with the bankruptcy of cryptocurrency exchange FTX and the arrest of its founder, Sam Bankman-Fried.

Taking Part in Conflicts on Several Fronts

Aside from the New York Attorney General’s investigation, the former reality show star is in danger on multiple other fronts. Making his release of NTFs even more skeptical.

Last month, two Trump Organization entities were found guilty of seven counts of criminal tax fraud and falsifying company documents. There’s also the top-secret documents theft investigation, the January 6 insurgency investigation, and the Georgia electors case.

On the political front, a survey of potential Republican presidential candidates in 2024 revealed that Trump was 23 points trailing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Trump wasn’t getting much support from Twitter for his NFT initiative either, despite the fact that Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who acquired the microblogging platform for $44 billion, let “The Art of the Deal” author to re-join after his removal on January 6 due to unknown reasons.

One Twitter user said that Trump’s big announcement’ is much more pathetic than he expected. Another user remarked that Donald Trump moved from being president to being a late-night commercial for his own NFT. This is the most absurd thing he has ever seen. But he liked it.

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