Welcome New Innovative, Tokenized Hashrate Marketplace by Navier.

Welcome New Innovative, Tokenized Hashrate Marketplace by Navier

23 March 2023

Navier has opened up a world of investment possibilities with the introduction of its revolutionary tokenized hashrate trading platform – enabling qualified investors to gain access and capitalize on this valuable asset.

According to Josh Mentick, CEO of a new trading platform called Reactor.xyz, that offers an opportunity to gain ownership of a valuable asset through their innovative software, providing access to the latest in hashrate mining technology for unparalleled returns over certain timeframes. 

Investors seeking mining opportunities with no overhead requirements have two primary options: investing in a physical machine and hosting services from firms like Compass Mining or leveraging the power of a cloud mining firm such as BitDeer or BitFuFu. With these firms, investors can rent out hashrate for an agreed period to commence their endeavors without any necessary individual commitment.

Navier’s solution has a resemblance to cloud mining technology. Additionally, it allows more control over their hash power. According to founder Metnick, this solution provides customized features such as selecting which preferred mining pools they want to use.

ERC-721 tokens will perform the ownership of the hash power between users, bringing a new level of liquidity to bitcoin or other crypto-mining markets. Industrial miners provide substantially more powerful resources than alternative sources like cloud mining companies – making it increasingly easy for users to maximize their returns with hashrate.

For example, cloud companies provide synthetic hashrate capabilities; however, customers have restricted abilities regarding manipulation or control. Navier’s current two models present a high level of risk. With Compass Mining, users must depend on another firm to provide the correct machinery in time and without any harm, followed by agreeing to host – all with no assurance that there are no “gotchas” hidden within it.

Mentick stated that after years of managing clients and facilities, the main requests for customer service revolve around why a certain machine isn’t operating as intended. He explained how mining rings and colocation facilities are inherently unstable environments that only become compounded by curtailment issues.

Navier strives to ensure the highest level of reliability in its operations by utilizing tokenization and engineered redundancy; This allows them to maintain a perfect 100% uptime rate across all locations, making it an optimal choice for peer-to-peer networks.

The CEO emphasized that, above all else, customers ought to be supplied with what they requested.

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