Wiki Finance Expo Hong Kong

Hong Kong, China
16 December

The Wiki Finance Asia is the largest finance expo for end-users and businesses anywhere in the globe. The event brings together the most influential people in the industry, including key influencers, government or regional trade organization officials, and representatives from Forex, banks, fintech companies, blockchain and liquidity service providers, and IBs. These individuals come together to discuss new developments in the industry and share their views. The event will bring together the founders and top executives of some of the most well-known applications in Hong Kong and China to discuss the future impact of technology.

WikiFX’s long-term goal is to become the premier financial expo in terms of both legitimacy and international recognition. There will be about 13,000 attendees, including 70% from ASEAN, Europe, the Middle East, the United States, and China, browsing the products at more than 100 booths and 1,500 exhibitors.

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