DOGE whale alert

DOGE Whale Buys $27M Dogecoin, and Price Breakout Becomes More Likely 

The Dogecoin whale alert went off at an odd moment in early February 2024, just after Dogecoin suffered a 1.7% loss in its valuation. The beginning of 2024 hasn’t been kind to Dogecoin, with the entire crypto industry experiencing a considerable downturn amidst the Grayscale ETF sell-off

Many experts believed Dogecoin would continue its downward trend, hitting support points much later in the calendar year. However, a recent and wholly unexpected bullish activity from crypto whales has reversed the equation. 

DOGE is looking to cut through the $0.008 resistance point and even target the much-anticipated milestone of clearing the $0.1 valuation. In this piece, we will explore the significance of DOGE in the altcoin landscape and how its price could change in the coming months. 

How DOGE Invented and Still Dominates the Meme Coins

DOGE practically founded the meme coin niche in the crypto field, paving the way for many successful projects like Shiba, Pepe and Bonk. However, the initial idea behind DOGE was dramatically different, only aiming to make a lighthearted joke about the young crypto industry in 2014. 

Dogecoin was designed to go against all foundations of Bitcoin, including its tokenomics, circulating supply and utilities. However, in their mission to simply have a good time, Dogecoin creators paved the way for an alternative crypto coin market that would challenge the blockchain conventions and develop a community-driven ecosystem. 

Today, Dogecoin has become a go-to network for proactive community users who wish to conduct seamless payments and experimental crypto projects. With a market cap of $11.6 billion, DOGE has cemented itself as one of the biggest cryptocurrencies, not just in the meme coin niche but in general. 

The 2024 Crypto Downturn and DOGE’s Standing

Like other flagship crypto coins, DOGE frequently goes through the market motions, expanding and decreasing its market capitalisation with emerging trends, global crypto shifts and newly introduced regulations. So, it is no surprise that DOGE underwent a rocky first month in 2024, with the entire crypto market suffering from $1 Billion sell-offs from Grayscale investors. 

DOGE performance in 2024

The January 2023 sell-off halted the entire crypto market from reaching the initial steps of a predicted bull run. DOGE steadily climbed during the last quarter of 2023, jumping from a $9 billion market cap to $14 billion by the end of the year. However, early 2024 swiftly offset DOGE’s progress. 

This unfavourable development was expected since DOGE is frequently used as a peer-to-peer payment option and generally accumulates value when there is an influx of crypto traders and new adopters. 

With such a downward slope, many experts predicted that DOGE would revert to its September price quote of $0.06, but the dogecoin whale community has stepped in at a surprising point. 

Are Whales Dumping Dogecoin? 

A big whale of dogecoin has recently stated that DOGE was a futile investment with no dependable future. Such a loud statement would most likely send warning signs out to the investing public, urging other whales and retail investors to stay away from doge in the foreseeable future. However, shortly after the statement, the DOGE market started to rebound. The statement was scrutinised heavily in the past week, as the reasoning behind DOGE’s lack of prospects was faulty. 

As analysed above, DOGE still firmly leads the meme coin market, offering unique peer-to-peer payment options and a welcoming environment for crypto startup projects. Surely enough, the sentiment was swiftly reversed in the first week of February, jumpstarting a new bullish trend for DOGE. 

The Uptick in DOGE Whale Activity and Resistance Points to Beat

In the first week of February, a mysterious dogecoin whale started to purchase massive DOGE bulks, followed by other whale investors. In several days, crypto whales purchased a total of $27 million DOGE. 

As a result, we are witnessing an inconsistent but reassuring trend of price increases from February 3 to February 8. The price movements showcase the ongoing chaos in the crypto industry, with DOGE’s price struggling to develop a steady pattern. 

However, the previous concerns have been reversed, and industry experts are no longer urging the public to sell Dogecoin en masse. 

dogecoin price analysis

The recent whale activity indicates stronger confidence from high-profile investors, reassuring the trading audience that DOGE will clear the $0.8 resistance point in the nearest month. 

While this development might seem puzzling for the crypto public, DOGE’s evolution as a steady peer-to-peer payment solution has been constant, accumulating a massive following in the alternative coin market. 

Dogecoin Price Analysis in the Near Future

So, deriving from the analysis above and the prevalent DOGE price trends, it is safe to say that crossing the $0.08 resistance point is a matter of time. However, it is difficult to tell if DOGE will smoothly sail toward a $0.1 valuation in the coming months. 

The current crypto climate is volatile due to the recent investor sell-offs and a delayed bull market. As always, DOGE’s success depends on whether the crypto market payments increase and there is an increased interest in emerging projects. 

Currently, the crypto sector is rebounding from formidable roadblocks in January, but DOGE has faired better than most, thanks to the recent bullish investments from whales. If the industry suffers another downward trend, the whale activity might not be enough to offset the market influence. 

However, the signs point to continuing bullish trends in the near future, which will allow DOGE to catalyse its surging price further. As a result, clearing the $0.1 milestone looks more likely than not in the current environment. 

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