Toncoin price prediction 2025

Toncoin Price Prediction: Consolidation Phase Hints at Bullish Momentum

The price of Toncoin, a cryptocurrency connected to the Telegram Open Network, has surged dramatically lately. Since this rise, the market has entered a consolidation period, during which price fluctuations occur within an established range. This price fluctuation may hint at Toncoin’s future course. We will analyse the charts to try to make some Toncoin price prediction

Toncoin News: Bullish Rally Followed by Consolidation

According to a new analysis, Toncoin saw a substantial price surge last week that exceeded 65%. It is possible to ascribe this bullish bounce to an increase in buying pressure. However, following this sharp increase in price, buyers became tired, which resulted in a price correction.

Since then, the market has gone through a period of consolidation, and the price of Toncoin is currently ranging from $4.05 to $3.52. Here is the Toncoin price chart:

Toncoin price chart

This stage of consolidation is indicative of a transient buyer-seller balancing act. Sellers are searching for ways to make money by bringing the price down, while buyers are trying to take back the initiative and raise the price. A crucial determinant of Toncoin’s future price trajectory will be how it exits this stage of consolidation.

Technical Analysis: Indicators Pointing Towards Bullish Momentum

Technical indicators on Toncoin’s daily chart provide insightful information. Following the most recent price decline, the Relative Strength Index (RSI), which measures price momentum, dropped below the oversold zone. This suggests that the sell-off might have been short-lived and that there might be a chance to purchase.

Toncoin Technical Analysis by RSI indicator

The Average True Range (ATR), on the other hand, is presently at a high level. Increased market volatility is reflected in the ATR, which can be dangerous for buyers and sellers. Nonetheless, heightened volatility may also offer proficient traders the chance to profit from fluctuations in price.

Toncoin Technical Analysis by ATR indicator

4 Hour Timeframe

Now, let’s take a look at the price action in more detail. The price is currently stuck in the $4.05-$3.52 range. This stage of consolidation points to a brief period of uncertainty for both sellers and buyers.

The RSI on the 4-hour chart supports this idea. When it is at the midline, the RSI shows no significant buying or selling pressure. This neutral posture reflects the market’s existing balance.

Toncoin 4-hour chart

On the 4-hour timeframe, the ATR indicator is still elevated despite the consolidation. This implies that volatility is still present in this range-bound market. Although this volatility might be difficult, it can also offer opportunities for traders who can take advantage of sudden price changes.

Toncoin Price Prediction 2025

Predicting the future of any asset is always uncertain. However, analysts offer some insights into Toncoin’s 2025 price. Based on historical trends and Bitcoin halving cycles, estimates suggest a potential low of $4.46 and a high of $21.98 in 2025. This translates to a possible gain of up to 392.63% from today’s price. It’s crucial to remember these are just forecasts, and the actual price could be higher or lower.


Our research points to the possibility of Toncoin’s upward momentum continuing. Although this phase of consolidation suggests a brief moment of uncertainty, it may also serve as a launchpad for more price hikes. The daily and 4-hour charts’ technical indicators provide conflicting signals, emphasising the continuous struggle between buyers and sellers.

In the end, this examination is only a beginning. If you want to make a Toncoin price prediction, performing extensive independent research is essential before making any investing selections.

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