X (Ex Twitter) Adds X Coin to Code

X (Ex Twitter) Adds X Coin to Code as Elon Musk Moves Toward Crypto Adoption.

1 September 2023

A screenshot of changes to Twitter’s former X site shows that the platform has added details about payments and earnings in so-called x coin to its algorithm. This update indicates that the platform is preparing to integrate digital payments for users, although Elon Musk has declined to say that it is considering launching its token.

In perspective, this new code could lead to a major addition for X, which has reportedly been seeking to add direct payments between users called x coin. Integrating existing cryptocurrencies to facilitate this could have major implications for the market. 

Following Musk’s decision to make aspects of X’s underlying code open source, users have been able to scrutinise some updates themselves. X Updates Radar reported that a recent change to that code describes a digital asset that would be used to reward users financially directly on the platform.

Even though Musk’s public pronouncements regarding cryptocurrency have caused substantial market shifts, the prospect for direct integration of digital assets on X is something to keep an eye on as a result. Though the code modification appears to describe a native token, Musk has previously stated that the platform will never issue its cryptocurrency, and this recent update appears to confirm that stance.

The context: After Company X ( EX Twitter) received a financial licence to integrate cryptocurrency payments, this apparent change in the platform’s code is further proof that Musk’s inevitable integration of payments marks a major shift for users and a milestone in how big tech is changing the world of banking and money transmission.

Austin Arnold Finance at NewStore stated that the news we are getting about X and potentially cryptocurrency is one after another. He added that even if Elon Musk doesn’t do anything with cryptocurrency, he wants to create an app for everything – in the style of Venmo, WhatsApp, in the style of everything. It’s supposed to be about cryptocurrency, but if nothing else, you can receive and send money from the X app.

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