BlackRock ETF Approval: Will Ethereum Price Rise?

How High Will Ethereum Price Rise Following BlackRock ETF Approval?

14 December 2023

In a dramatic shift towards crypto acceptance, global financial titan BlackRock has captured the financial world’s attention. This major player’s foray into digital assets is nothing short of seismic, with its sights set on gaining approval for several crypto-centric financial offerings. Among these potential offerings, the spotlight shines brightest on the proposed spot, the Ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF), an offering that could revolutionize institutional investment in crypto, marking an exciting new chapter in the financial landscape.

BlackRock is at the epicenter of this crypto revolution, with its staggering $8.5 trillion assets under management, a comprehensive network of financial advisors, and well-cultivated relations with regulatory bodies. In fact, the investment firm’s interest in crypto has already triggered price surges, even before any approved product hits the market. Its anticipated move into Ethereum is expected to spawn a new breed of institutional products, potentially funneling substantial capital into ETH.

But what could the potential impact of a BlackRock ETF be on ETH, the lifeblood of the Ethereum network? Analyst Joe Parys from TheStreetCrypto has underpinned his answers with insightful analysis from Changelly. The verdict? While the price predictions for Ethereum in 2023 might not show a significant departure from the current price, which hovers around $2,190, the long-term forecast paints a more optimistic picture.

As per the predictions, Ethereum could fetch a minimum price of $3,100 in 2024 and by 2026, it could potentially soar to a maximum price of $8,000. The most bullish prediction comes for 2032, with Ethereum potentially commanding a minimum price of $61,000, an average of $63,000, and a maximum price that could reach an astronomical $75,000.

The backdrop to this is the rising interest and competition among Wall Street firms to offer crypto exposure to their clientele. Coupled with the forthcoming Bitcoin halving and wavering legacy economic indicators, the stage seems set for a major crypto market bull run in 2024. With BlackRock’s proposed Ethereum BlackRock ETF and the rising interest in Ethereum and other digital assets, the future indeed looks promising for Ethereum prices. The financial world watches with bated breath as we edge closer to a pivotal moment in the evolution of crypto.

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